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Foaming Hand Soap Starter Sets

Foaming Hand Soap Starter Sets

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Go green with our refillable hand soap starter kit. It includes a durable, refillable foaming soap bottle and three eco-friendly foaming hand soap refills. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to a sustainable hand washing routine. Cleaner hand without harming the planet. 

1 Refills = 1 Bottle (300ml)

What's included

Each kit includes:
- 1 Reusable Foaming Hand Wash Glass Bottles: 350ml (marked 300ml)
- 3 Foaming Hand Wash Refill Tablets (Variety mix)

This set allows you to refill for up to 8 weeks of usage.
- Each tablet makes 300ml of refreshing hand soap that can last up to 3 weeks with frequent usage.


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